About Us

Story Tellers. Cinematographers. Photographers. Designers. Animal Lovers
Gateweaver is a food & beverage centric production house where telling your story through the creative use of imagery, technology and movement are our bread & butter.
Our team's unique blend of narrative story telling, design, F&B industry and contemporary art backgrounds free us up to find innovative, yet flexible ways to execute your vision. Our team can run your project from creative inception all the way to completion, or only collaborate on part of it. Regardless of the scope, we bring our passion, innovation and attention to detail to any project we are a part of.
We look forward to helping you tell your story.


Mom to Smokey and the glue that binds Gateweaver together. Equal parts left and right brain, Christine uses her background in contemporary art, administration and logistics to see the bigger picture that is "production".

Although she's a proud Brooklynite, Christine's hospitality will remind you that you can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl.

Christine Case
Michael Muchnij

Papa to Olwë the cat, lover of board games and horror movies, Michael is also a writer, director and composer. His burning passion is story telling.  A Phoenix-born Brooklynite, he started his career writing musical scores for short films. Mixing his eye for composition with his love of writing and photography, Muchnij now fits comfortably in the Director's chair.

Smokey Bravo
studio doggo

Lover of balls and arch nemesis of the door bell, Smokey Bravo keeps the team productive and on track.

On his off days, Smokey can be found searching trees for squirrels scouring the studio for dropped treats and taking long naps on the beach.